Mandi Wine videos : “The Life Of The Party”

Name: The Life Of The Party

Country: United States

Director: Sandi Beach

Duration: 85 min

Year: 1991

Language: English

Categories: Mandi Wine videos, 1991, United States, English, Sandi Beach, Nina Hartley, Mandi Wine, Natasha Skyler, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish

Actress: Nina Hartley,Mandi Wine,Natasha Skyler

Actors: Joey Silvera,Scott Irish

A fairly mundane movie. Starts off slow with a lot of "plot" development (about 15 min) then it is all sex. And not very exciting sex either. Most of the action is straight screwing with minimal oral (with the exception of the Nina/Natasha scene) and no anal. There is one pathetic facial near the end of the movie where Joey squirts one (count ’em, one) dribble on Brandy’s cheek before going limp. Some high points include Natasha working up a froth (I suspect dish soap)on Scott’s dick and Nina having a Real Orgasm ™ while Natasha applies an industrial sized vibrator to Nina’a privates. The one thing I must commend this movie for is that fact that all the "actresses" still had the breasts that God gave them. It was refreshing to see some normal sized tits that jiggeled a little. It is irritating when the women in porn movies look like the just got back from hooking themselves up the the high pressure tire hose at the corner Sunoco.I don’t recommend this one very highly, even for a Nina Hartly fan (of which I am one).